The BiO-Therm is the only product on the market that can upgrade your existing gas fired equipment to High Efficiency  without the expense of total replacement.  Stop wasting money each month and upgrade your gas fired appliances today. The BiO-Therm is the worlds only Commercial Modulation Retrofit. 

New high efficient equipment and appliances are expensive.  The cost is so high that in many cases the ROI is over 20 years out.  Not to mention the fact that your equipment may have another 10-25 years of life remaining, so it seems a waste to trash it for a new high efficiency model. 

So what’s the answer?   


  • Major Efficiency Improvement
  • Significant Energy Reduction
  • Lightning Fast ROIs
  • No Changes To Facility
  • No Changes To Process
  • No Increase In Cooking or Drying Times

Years of Research and testing have gone into the BiO-Therm

Digital BiO-ThermThe BiO-Therm was developed over several years and rigorously tested to include successful  testing as part of the exclusive Nicor Gas Emerging Technology Program.  The results of these years of development and testing have led to a product that stands ready to save you money and give you the benefits of High efficiency appliances for a fraction of the expense. 
The BiO-Therm is one of the most economical and effective energy efficiency upgrades to hit the market in years.  In many cases our customers see an ROI of less than 1 year. The benefits don’t stop there. Our customers actually see improved drying times, and in almost all cases any over-dry damage is completely eliminated. Imagine never getting another complaint of damaged clothes due to excessive heat. With rebate rolling out across the country now is your opportunity to upgrade to the world only utility certified Commercial Dryer Modulation Retrofit. 

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Recent Projects

Here are a few of our recent projects. EZ-Efficiency is always upgrading energy conscious customers.  Contact us today to start saving.  

Kalahari Resorts

Sparkle Dry Cleaners

Castle & Cooke Holiday


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