EZ-Efficiency’s BiO-Therm mentioned in Mammoth Laundromat’s Ress Release

EZ-Efficiency is proud to announce that we were mentioned in Mammoth Laundromat’s press release discussing their latest equipment modernization.

We upgraded all their new dryer’s with the BiO-Therm. Technically we moved the BiO-Therm off their older dryers and put them on to their new Dexter dryers.

BiO-Therm on Dexter Dryers
Mammoth has a lot of new Dexter dryers running BiO-Therm. Saving Energy

Mammoth Laundromat was moving away from quarters to a card system, but didn’t want to lose the energy savings and over dry protection that the BiO-Therm provides. So we went out and removed the BiO-Therms from the old dryers and put them on the new Dexter dryers.

Mammoth has been running with BiO-Therms for over 2 years and since using them has not received a single complaint of over dry damage. They have also reduced their Natural Gas consumption by almost 20%.

Check out the Press release here: https://medium.com/@greatpressrelea/one-of-californias-largest-laundromats-invests-in-serious-equipment-upgrades-1ba4a8026587

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