More on Commercial Kitchens

Since we started testing on Commercial Kitchen convection ovens, we have been contacted by major restaurants to initiate testing with them on some of their equipment. 3 of the world’s largest restaurant chains are now or will soon be evaluating the BiO-Therm in their kitchens.

While not at the liberty to say at this time who we are testing with, it’s almost guaranteed you have one and likely all of them in your town. So what are we testing on well more ovens, and now fryers.

This makes sense if you think about it, these chains typically have small margins so being able to save on energy costs while doing something great for the environment is a win-win situation.

The BiO-Therm is an inexpensive gas burner upgrade that has shown quick ROIs in every instance to include major 3rd party certifications.

Stay tuned for results of our testing with these major chains.

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