Sparkle Cleaners in Tucson Now Saving With BiO-Therm

BiO-Therm Sparkle CleanersEZ-Efficiency is happy to announce that Sparkle Cleaners the largest cleaners in Tucson is now saving with the BiO-Therm.

Sparkle Cleaners is dedicated to going green! You can read more about their initiatives on their website here where they have made significant investments in improving energy efficiency and recycling programs. So it makes complete sense then that they invested in upgrading all 10 of their dryers with the BiO-Therm. The BiO-Therm’s environmental impact is very significant, but so is the monthly gas savings. These 10 dryers service a total of 13 location throughout Tucson, so they are heavily used.

Return on Investment for sparkle will easily be under 1 year, and the fact that issues related to over dry damage are now a thing of the past is a huge improvement as-well.

If you live in Tucson and need dry cleaning or wash and fold service, check out Sparkle.

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