The BiO-Therm and the Commercial Kitchen

It is strange how sometimes you just don’t think of the obvious. A recent case of this for Mark and Lee was when they were speaking to our valve supplier and they asked if we ever used the BiO-Therm on convection ovenBiO-Therm on commercial gas fired kitchen equipment. Well we designed the BiO-Therm around dryers, tested it on dryers, and always used it on dryers never thinking of anything else.

This inquiry however made us curious so we set out to test the BiO-Therm on commercial convection ovens. Well here is where the new digital BiO-Therm was a success, we didn’t have to design a new system, we just programmed the BiO-Therm differently and BAM! The BiO-Therm worked on a commercial convection oven, and was an easy upgrade.

We then reached out to a commercial kitchen in our area, and asked if they would beta-test the BiO-Therm on their convection oven, and after they agreed we installed and initiated the testing process.

Our testing process is long, in-depth, and thorough, so we won’t proclaim any savings prematurely, however we are confident enough now to say that savings are significantly better than we ever imagined. We feel we are really going to be able to make commercial kitchen equipment more efficient and save our customs even more money in this space.

We are really excited to see where the BiO-Therm goes next.

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