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  • EZ-Efficiency Ethics Statement
    Effective 5/1/2019


    EZ-Efficiency is proud of the values with which it conducts business. It has and will continue to uphold high levels of business ethics and personal integrity in all types of transactions and interactions. To this end, this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics serves to (1) emphasize EZ-Efficiency's commitment to ethics and compliance with the law; (2) set forth basic standards of ethical and legal behavior; (3) guide and support employees, subcontractors, and business partners on our ethics and customer service expectations (4) help prevent and detect wrongdoing.

    Given the variety and complexity of ethical questions that may arise in EZ-Efficiency's course of business, this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics serves only as a rough guide. Confronted with ethically ambiguous situations, the Covered Parties should remember EZ-Efficiency's commitment to high ethical standards and seek advice from supervisors, managers or other appropriate personnel to ensure that all actions they take on behalf of EZ-Efficiency honor this commitment.

    Our goal is to align the EZ-Efficiency brand with the level of Ethics, Customer Support, and Code of Conduct our Utility partners, Customers, and Directors expect. As a business partner, subcontractor, or subcontractor representative we require you to uphold the standards exposed in this ethics agreement.


    Our long-term performance – profitability, growth, and value – is contingent on the confidence our Utility Partners & Customers place in us. We are committed to the highest ethical standards because we want people to know they can trust us. Trust can only be built on honesty, dependability and ethical conduct.


    1. We will treat all of those with whom we deal fairly, with dignity, and respect.
    2. We will make it our goal to exceed the expectations of all of our customers.
    3. We will hold ourselves and each other accountable for our service commitment.
    4. We will be conscious of our communication style (i.e.; audible voice, eye contact when speaking to someone, tone of voice) and communicate in a professional manner.
    5. We will listen effectively to our customers’ requests and promptly take the necessary actions to assist them. We will keep our customers informed of unexpected delays in service.
    6. We will inform our customers of normal process time, when they can expect completion and any delays that may arise in the process.
    7. We will be upfront and honest about any out of pocket customer expenses.
    8. We will be truthful about expected customer saving potential and not inflate savings or ROI data.
    9. We will touch base with our customers, to update them as to where we are in the process.
    10. We will finish our encounters with our customers in a courteous and professional way.  
    11. We will support our customers after the sale and resolve all questions, warranty, or technical issues.
    12. We understand EZ-Efficiency products need to be installed by EZ-Efficiency trained installers to ensure proper installation and setup.  Therefore, we will never sell uninstalled product to a customer or allow untrained installers to install any EZ-Efficiency products. 
    13. We will honor our commitments.
    14. We will commit only what we can deliver.
    15. We will comply with all laws and regulations.
    16. We will make decisions based on fact and objective assessment.
    17. We will ensure all installs are done perfectly, down to the tiniest of details.  This includes function tests, gas leak detection, and post install clean-up.
    18. We will protect all customer surfaces where work is performed.  This means using mats and towels to protect floor and table surfaces. 
    19. We will inform our customers about technical or performance issues we identify during installation of any EZ-Efficiency products.  
    20. We will ensure our judgment and decisions are not improperly influenced and we do not improperly influence others to obtain or retain business.
    21. ALL installations will be performed in accordance to EZ-Efficiency’s install manual.


    We expect all EZ-Efficiency employees, subcontractors, and subcontractor representatives to abide by these standards.  These standards apply to activities which include EZ-Efficiency Products or Services to include Sales, Engineering, Installation, or Audits. 

    Failure to Comply

    I have read and understand the above Ethics Principles & Standards. I also understand that it is my responsibility to comply and ensure all those with whom I work, employ, or subcontract comply with the standards when representing EZ-Efficiency or EZ-Efficiency products and service offerings. I understand that failure to comply with the above Ethics standards by myself or my representatives may lead to the end of my business relationship with EZ-Efficiency, to include the end of my ability to offer EZ-Efficiency products or service offerings.  

    I will not hold EZ-Efficiency financially responsible for revenue lost due to my breach of this agreement and inability to uphold the EZ-Efficiency CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT AND ETHICS.


    I understand that by typing my name and checking agree, I am agreeing to the above EZ-Efficiency Code of Business Ethics, Customer Service, and Code of Conduct.  I also understand the repercussions of non-compliance.


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