• True-Demand hot water control system ensures fast hot-water delivered to guest rooms without paying to constantly recirculate hot water when no demand exists.
  • Turns "always-on" re-circulation pump into smart "on-demand" re-circulation pump
  • Maintains custom minimum re-circulation loop temperature using dual sensor design.
  • Reduces pump wear and prolongs pump life expectancy reducing maintenance and replacement costs
  • Typical hotel can save over 4000 therms natural gas per year averaging over 40 therms savings per room.
  • Generally one year or less ROI

EZ-PumpControl is an "On Demand' re-circulation pump controller designed to sense when hot water is drawn from any plumbing fixture and run the re-circulation pump until the water in the re-circulation loop is hot.  The microprocessor based design monitors the temperature of the water in the loop using a unique dual temperature sensor design to ensure the water in the loop maintains your programmed water temperature without constantly running the pump.


Yes it is possible to get the best of both worlds.  Instant hot water & water savings, while saving energy from not constantly running your re-circulation pump.  Unlike other on demand hot water systems, there is no need to install water flow sensors, switches or sensors at each faucet location and run wires or maintain batteries in wireless transceivers.  The EZ-PumpControl is a quick easy install with no regular maintenance, but big on savings. .Contact EZ-Efficiency today form more information.